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Smart, circular and hightech

Eindhoven's railway zone is in full development. With a dynamic mix of living, working and meeting, a central area of international standing will be built here in the coming years. The Dutch Mountains are adding an iconic building, an exciting programme and a special appearance to the area. Two towers with offices, homes and a hotel, smoothly connected by a green courtyard where people meet. A 'living room' for the city of Eindhoven in a sustainable and 'biobased' building.

Living room for Eindhoven

The Dutch Mountains will be a 'living room' for Eindhoven. A place that you as a resident are proud of and as a visitor should have been. It will be a place for everyone: where the people of Eindhoven feel at home, where ambitious newcomers can connect and where visitors will be surprised by an appealing programme. The heart of The Dutch Mountains is the green inner courtyard. It is precisely in this collective area that different target groups find each other. It is the open and inviting place from where the various functions in the building can be reached and where it is always lively.

Symbol of healthy urbanisation

The Dutch Mountains will be a symbol of healthy and sustainable urbanisation. A significant part of the building will be constructed from 'bio-based' materials, in particular by using solid wood for a large part of the building. This will fix a large quantity of CO2 for a long time. The climate control is based as much as possible on natural principles, which limits the number of installations and the associated energy consumption. A visible irrigation system will be used for the plants in the building's 'valley', and excess rainwater will be visibly discharged into the Dommel river. Solar panels are used on various parts of the building. The Dutch Mountains promote health by providing green outdoor space, clean air, healthy food, various sports facilities and sustainable mobility facilities.