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Smart, circular and hightech

The Dutch Mountains is here to surprise the world. An innovative interaction environment in the region of Eindhoven and the largest wooden building to be found in the world.


The Dutch Mountains is an upgradeable building. From its inception the concept has been developed by tech companies and service providers who are normally only involved much further down the development chain. Together they are developing a new ‘white label’ service concept: an integral ‘ecosystem’ of services and technologies built around the user. This new service concept enables individual users to reside as pleasurably, comfortably and healthily as possible in the building – every user can regulate their own, personalized environment. In this sense The Dutch Mountains reduces the distance between users and service providers than any other platform. This requires a completely new operating and organizational model, the development of which is an integral part of the project (including the exploration of blockchain applications).


The Dutch Mountains use high-tech to set a new standard for sustainable and circular development. With technology we make the surroundings healthier, the air cleaner, the space more welcoming. The complex is entirely self-sufficient, with closed cycles in the area of energy, water, waste and materials. The high-tech character is fused in The Dutch Mountains with green surroundings and natural materials. The complex even includes a park. And the frame is made of solid wood. In this way The Dutch Mountains contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The Dutch Mountains will be the biggest wooden building in the world.

Building as a service

The Dutch Mountains is also distinctive because it is a total service system. Light, heating, food, furniture, installations and even the façades are provided as services within the project. This means it will be possible to replace software as well as hardware over the course of time. For example, the façade generates energy; if a smarter façade becomes available in the future that produces more energy than the current one, it will replace the old one which will be recycled or processed. Moreover, the complex is completely data-driven and experience-directed which adds to its upgradeability. Plus the environment can be constantly adjusted: spaces can be given a different function from one day to the next and sections of the building can adapt to changing market conditions.

High Tech

As part of the exploratory stage the initiators developed a technology survey covering over 100 technologies (dealing with items such as energy, materials, façade applications and smart mobility) which can be integrated in The Dutch Mountains. The majority of these were developed in the Brainport region. By applying these (and other) innovations in The Dutch Mountains, the complex will become a regional Hi-Tech Excellence Centre. The smart, circular and high-tech experience features in the spaces, the hospitality venues, the conference facilities, living labs and display functions. All of them tell the story of The Dutch Mountains.

The design

The Dutch Mountains houses multiple companies amid shared facilities and excels in horizontality. This horizontal character is in a sense the spatial translation of a knowledge-intensive work environment where collaboration and exchange are central. The building volume that will be created is 440 metres long. Instead of competing with the highest buildings in the world, this can effortlessly be included in a new generation of longest buildings in the world. The building also offers explicit space for smaller businesses for whom a building and facilities of their own is not an option. The joining of forces also offers the possibility to make a significant architectural gesture. Instead of individual expression on a limited scale, businesses will become part of something much bigger they can derive their identity from.