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Exponent of Brainport. The Dutch Mountians is very much at home in Brainport Eindhoven - and specifically in the Internationale Knoop XL. It is not your average real estate project but an exponent of Brainport: a place as a symbol of design and technology and innovative solutions to social issues. A new meeting place for diverse groups in the city. The Dutch Mountains is one of the 'frontrunner projects' in the International Knoop XL and is being realized at a prominent location on the Dommel river, right next to the tunnel under the railroad line, where the TU/e Campus and the center of Eindhoven meet.

Brainport Eindhoven: Eco-system for innovation

The Eindhoven region has developed into a very powerful development engine. For years now the highest economic growth of the Netherlands has been realized here. Brainport Eindhoven distinguishes itself through its strong position in the high-tech manufacturing industry, and is of great value for the economic position of the Netherlands in the world. The ecosystem for innovation is extremely healthy, with ASML, Philips, the High Tech Campus and TU/e as magnets for talented companies. There is no other place in the world where every day so many new products and solutions are created for major social issues relating to health, mobility, energy, food and safety.

International Knoop XL

Under the title 'Internationale Knoop XL', the area around Eindhoven CS will undergo a true metamorphosis in the coming years. The International Junction XL is intended to bring about a leap of scale in urban allure. With the development of the station area the jump from the city center to the railroad is made. A new lively part of town will arise here, where some 15,000 people will live in the future. The area is to become the showpiece of Brainport Eindhoven: an urban environment for innovation and crossovers between design, knowledge, technology, market, education and government.


An important carrier of the vision is the quality impulse of the Dommel valley. The Dommel Valley will be given a function in climate adaptation and energy generation; the greenery around the Dommel will seek space. This will take shape near the railroad tunnel, among other places. This place, which connects the inner city with the TU/e Campus, must become a pleasant green corridor that invites to visit the other side of the railroad.