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Living room for Eindhoven. The Dutch Mountains will be a landmark in the city, connecting districts and worlds. The building is open to everyone. The Dommel valley literally flows over into the green and lively inner area, where different target groups find each other. The building will be constructed using 'biobased' materials, in particular by using solid wood for a large part of the building, which will fix a large amount of CO2 in the long term. The climate control is based on natural principles. Solar panels will be installed on various parts of the building. The Dutch Mountains promote health by providing green outdoor areas, clean air, healthy food, various sports facilities and sustainable mobility facilities.


With heights of 130 and 100 metres, the two towers of The Dutch Mountains are visible from a large part of Eindhoven and beyond, and act as landmarks in the city. The towers are inextricably linked by a 'voile', a sloping roof construction that gives the building finesse. The green character of the Dommel valley is continued inside in the inner garden between the towers. In the towers, outdoor spaces are incorporated into the dwellings by means of loggias that provide views and light.
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A large part of the building will be constructed from 'bio-based' materials, in particular by using solid wood elements for the main load-bearing structure. Solid wood construction also contributes to the CO2 ambitions; its production generates few CO2 emissions, in contrast to the production of concrete and cement, which is responsible for as much as 5-10% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. On the contrary, with the application of a solid wood construction, a large amount of CO2 is fixed for a very long time.

Climate, water and energy

Although technology plays an important role in this building, in climate control we use natural principles as much as possible. This keeps the amount of installations and the associated energy consumption to a minimum. The central winter garden will play an important role in the building physics of the entire building. Rainwater that falls on the roofs will be collected in a pond and used for planting in the green inner garden. Any excess rainwater will be visibly discharged into the Dommel river. The energy concept of The Dutch Mountains is based on the use of a WKO source. Energy is generated by means of solar panels on various parts of the building (the voile, the roof of the towers and the facades).

Inside en outside connected

The Dommel valley connects the High Tech Campus, ASML and the campus of the Technical University with the centre of Eindhoven in a park-like landscape. With the future widening of the Dommel tunnel, the Dommel valley will also become an attractive green space at The Dutch Mountains, which will continue seamlessly from the centre into the green corridor on the TU/e Campus. The Dutch Mountains will be oriented towards the Dommel, so that residents, users and passers-by can also enjoy it. The outdoor space will include terraces and cultural activities. A wide staircase with seating leads to the lobby on the first floor, which will be designed as an inner garden.


The Dutch Mountains is located near Eindhoven Central Station and the bus station. The use of public transport is therefore an important pillar in the mobility strategy. In addition, the building is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. The widening of the existing tunnel under the railway line should contribute to this. The location is also easily accessible by car via Kennedylaan, which directly connects to the A2, A58 and A50 motorways. A car park with 163 parking spaces is planned under the building, mostly for electric vehicles. A hub will also be created here for shared and electric transport (car, bicycle and scooter) which residents and users of The Dutch Mountains will be able to use on a subscription basis.

Accessible to everyone

The Dutch Mountains is open to everyone. In the heart of the building, everyone is welcome for a drink, a good conversation, to study, to participate in one of the workshops, to work in one of the open workstations or to join in one of the many activities that are organised there. The Dutch Mountains offer room to starting and established companies. And there is a wide variety of housing types. Many facilities are offered collectively and are affordable because you can 'subscribe' to what you need.